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KPK investigators Talk Repatriation Problem

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Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim. Bismillaahilladzii Laa Yadzurruu Ma'asmihii Syai'un Fil ardzii Walaa Fissamaa'i Wahuwassamii'ul 'aliim. Tulisan ini membahas tentang KPK investigators Talk Repatriation Problem, silahkan dibaca dengan seksama semoga bisa menginspirasi dan bermanfaat bagi kita.

Abraham Samad
Jakarta, In response to the issue of schism in the body's release of the Commission, which develops in social networks (tweeter), print and electronic media, KPK Chairman Abraham Samad spoke. The issue of repatriation that started about the news KPK investigators and case Miranda S Gultom. Abraham describes the return of fully investigating authority from the police agencies and prosecutors.

"The authority of any personnel withdrawal mechanism. Each institution has the authority and independence. What is the greatness of Abraham to be able to call the Attorney General and Chief of Police and intervene," said Abraham at the Commission office, Jl Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (15/3 / 2012).

Abraham also denied the return was due to the initiative itself. Because the news circulated, investigators already knew a lot about election bribery DGS BI Miranda S Gultom, and who was involved. Including the alleged involvement of a large group. Well, the return was touted as the lead investigator into the large group.

"Related to the Artha Graha, led encourage anyone who is behind no problem for us," said Abraham.

Abraham was to clarify the matter of handling the case of Miranda. Had also circulated the news that Abraham set Miranda as a suspect without going through the procedure. Well, this issue was immediately responded to Abraham.

"What was delivered through the leadership table," explained Abraham.

Miranda has not been withheld and the reason Angelina Sondakh was related by Abraham containment strategy. "MSG and the U.S. have a strategy, until now not been examined only a matter of strategy. Do not worry about what set of collective leadership is collegial. It's a matter of course. Detention file is finished we'll do," he explained.

quoted from detiknews
Jika anda merasa tulisan tentang KPK investigators Talk Repatriation Problem baik dan menguntungkan bagi anda maupun orang lain silahkan diCOPAS, kami akan bangga. Karena satu COPAS mudah-mudahan dicatat sebagai AMAL kebaikan. Dan satu klik DONASI, kami rasa tidak menjadi beban bagi anda, guna membangun blog ini agar lebih baik lagi, kami tahu anda ahli SODAQOH.
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